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Since inception (1977), the divisions of CRS operated as one business entity. The year 2011 saw the need for each business entity to carry out its operations individually but incorporating them under the banner of the newly-formed CRS Group of Companies. Hence, we have the many divisions making up the CRS Group of Companies.

  • Engine Re-conditioning.
  • Specialized Welding.
  • Metal Stitching.
  • General Engineering.
  • Component Manufacturing.
  • Micro Welding
  • Expand upon current customer base.
  • Diversify into other related markets.
  • Offer a quicker turn-around time to compete with service exchange components.
  • To be the market leaders in the field of repairing and machining of all automotive and industrial types of components.
  • Be the yardstick for industry and driving force that set new standards continuously.
  • Create teamwork first, creating unity amongst all our employees.
  • Respect, trust and help each other (To all stakeholders).
  • Act with integrity (To all stakeholders).
  • Drive towards mastery in all we do  (To all stakeholders).
  • To be profitable in a manner that all the stakeholders in the company benefit both intrinsically and extrinsically.
  • Celebrate our success openly in the marketplace (With all stakeholders).
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