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Casting Repair Services Group.

CRS Group of Companies

Our company is full members of the Metal Industries Association and the Durban chamber of Commerce and Industry.

About CRS Group.

Since inception (1977), the divisions of CRS operated as one business entity. The year 2011 saw the need for each business entity to carry out its operations individually but incorporating them under the banner of the newly-formed CRS Group of Companies. Hence, we have the many divisions making up the CRS Group of Companies.

Our Casting Repair Services.

Metal Stitching

Metal stitching was developed as cold repair process, to repair cast iron components and equipment. The process is able to make safe predictive repairs in environments that are dangerous when exposed to open flame and high temperatures or sparks.

Specialised Welding

We have a few welding processes that we do on a daily basis. Arc welding, Co2 welding, argon arc aluminium welding and fusion welding. Fusion welding is the process of reheating the metal to a molten state and fusing the material back to one solid piece.

Engine Reconditioning

We have a fully equipped up to date automotive machine shop. High-quality services include engine rebuilding, reconditioning, cylinder head overhaul, skimming services, re-sleeving components, bell housings, crankshaft and camshaft grinding with polishing. All makes and models of automotive engines welcome.

General Engineering

Machining and repairs to various items such as bearing housings, pitman screws , press ram blocks , vacuum pumps, fly wheels , pulleys and axles to name a few.

3D Scanning

We are able to re-engineer lost data, repair broken items for which there is no CAS data, repair CAD moulds from originals, develop new products, first article inspection and quality control that can be used in Automotive engineering, general manufacturing, marine and medical fields, to name a few.

Micro Welding

Mirco welding or submerged arc welding is an automatic process which is done under powder/flux. It was designed to make longitudinal seam welds. It is one of the most productive welding processes, founded in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s this process remains very popular today.

CAD/CAE Modelling

Computer aided drawing and engineering systems uses, 2d drawings and 3d models created, Assemblies (check faults or fitment issues, Strength analysis of parts, Design for manufacture.

Component Manufacture

We have manufactured many components over the years, everything from con-rods to camshafts, hi-speed polishing machines, crankshafts and general machinery.

We agree that should the need arise in the future, the CRS Group management will consider implementing a second work-shift to increase customer satisfaction and service delivery.

Group Mission Statement

To promote desirable products our customers need at prices they can afford while remaining profitable as well as ensuring that the needs of all stakeholders in the company are taken care of through effective and efficient production, administration and marketing methods within a safe and happy environment.



Our HR Mission Statement

To develop a climate of joint responsibility through co-operative and trusting relationships supported by fair and equitable policies, procedures and practices which aim to promote employee participation and effectiveness in order to make a positive contribution to the success of the company.

Future Forecast

It has been agreed by management and employees that the potential for the company to grow under the present product and service range is huge, and the company has spare capacity at every workstation thus not having to purchase any other capital equipment and tooling in order to grow the company in a normal nine hour shift